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Eco Ties – Recycled Ties

Eco Ties are made by Keltic Ties using yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles. We think that rescuing plastic bottles from the landfill is a much better idea than using crude oil to make yarn (which is how everyone else does it). They’re made in our mill in Lancashire and shipped directly to your school with no middlemen – so they can also save you money.

Why choose Eco-Ties?

By making your ties from recycled polyester yarn instead of polyester manufactured from oil, your school can:

  • Save money
  • Save 2 plastic bottles from landfill for every Eco Tie*
  • Avoid using crude oil unnecessarily
  • Promote sustainability within your school
  • Support British manufacturing
  • Get a cool certificate

Our artists can create you free visuals for a brand new design. Just get in touch to arrange your visuals, or if you’re feeling artistic, have a go at your own using our design your own tie tool.

Simply send us your existing tie to see how much you can save by making your ties from recycled yarn in our factory.  Minimum orders are as low as 50 ties, and every Eco Tie you order saves an average of two plastic bottles from the landfill.

The background

Our Lancashire tie factory is a family business, now in its fourth generation of weavers. It currently produces over 9,000 school ties per week, on looms powered by solar panels – Eco-friendly Ties at a factory-direct Price.

School Visits

We want to spread the word about the benefits of recycling, carbon footprint reduction and reliance on plastics and fossil fuels.

We are very happy to talk with pupils about how their ties are made from recycled plastic bottles, and the positive difference they’re making by wearing them.

We’re also very passionate about British manufacturing and are happy to arrange a tour of our factory for your pupils

Plastic Facts

Plastic takes over 1,000 years to degrade
The particles pollute the ground & get into our food chain
By making ties from recycled bottles, we’re reducing the amount of plastic in our environment
We send your Eco Ties directly from our factory to your school with no middlemen. This saves your school money, as well as giving superfast delivery (typically 4 weeks or less).

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Plastic facts

The service was great at Keltic ties. We were able to choose our own design which matched our school colours.

Our year 6 were so excited to receive their new ties and are busy learning how to tie them!

Mrs J Worsley

Great quality of tie, excellent delivery times and very helpful customer service, we use again.

St Michael’s Primary