Price Match Promise – Switch to Eco Ties and Eco Bags – and save money too!

Eco ties carbon footprint illus 1

Our price-match promise means you won’t pay any more for doing the right thing. Everyone else uses polyester yarn that comes from oil, only ours comes from recycled plastic bottles instead. Just tell us what you’ve been quoted elsewhere for non-recycled ties or bags, and we’ll match it. For every tie you order, you save 2 plastic bottles from oceans and landfills – and for every bag, 8!

Using recycled polyester instead of polyester made from oil uses 94% less water and 60% less energy. Our Lancashire factory, now in its fourth generation of weavers, is also solar-powered. As well as not using fossil fuels, producing recycled polyester yarn from plastic bottles emits 32% less CO2 into the atmosphere than making polyester yarn from oil.