Printed Ties

Printed ties

As one of the leading printed tie suppliers in the UK, Keltic makes superior quality printed ties, handmade in the UK, and delivered within just 4 weeks.

If you are looking for something a little bit different to the traditional woven tie, printed ties are a great option. The manufacturing process of these ties lends itself to the specificity with regard to colour and design. If you have a particular Pantone colour in mind, for example, we can match this precisely.

We often recommend print ties for customers who want very intricate and detailed designs or modern ‘graphic’ designs. This is because digital printing allows for minute detail – your intricate design will look the same on your ties as it does on your computer screen.

Printed Ties Try Our Free Visual Design Service

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Talking of seeing your designs on a computer screen, we offer a service whereby we produce free visuals of your design prior to your making an order. All you need to do is share your ideas with us over the phone and based on your thoughts our team of artists will come up with some visuals for you. These will be sent to your inbox within just 3 days for your approval.

If alternatively, you already have print ties whose design you’re happy with and which you would like us to replicate, then that’s fine too! Simply post one of these ties over to us and we will call you straight back with a quote. If you then wish to make an order with us your new ties will be perfect replicas of your current ones.


There is a choice when it comes to the material: we can produce either printed silk ties or printed polyester ties. For both minimum orders start from 50. Our lead time is a mere four weeks.

Why not give one of our friendly staff members a call now on 01922 612888 and our team of artists can get working on your free visuals right away!