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An Eco-Friendly UK Club Ties & Company Ties Manufacturer / Suppliers

Aldi company tiesAt Keltic ties, we make very high-quality woven ties, club tiesschool tiescustom ties, and company ties / corporate ties – out of recycled plastic bottles! Eco ties are made in our solar-powered mill here in the UK, and take just 4 weeks to produce.

Our customers include HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, Aldi, and over 2000 schools and clubs.

Previously we made many ties / corporate ties using yarn made from oil, which is how everyone else still does it. We are very proud to have pioneered this much more sustainable alternative. Further information about how our company / club ties are made can be found here. We love bringing your ideas to life, and our artist Karen can produce free visuals to show how your ideas for a tie design would look.

An Eco-Friendly Club Ties & Company Ties Manufacturer / Supplier

Our UK family mill spans back seven generations, and we pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail. Our ties are handmade from the highest quality recycled yarns, right here in England.

We are proud to contribute to the UK economy. By manufacturing our ties locally, we support UK businesses and UK jobs. We also keep a low carbon footprint with regard to distribution. This is not the case for many of our competitors who ship their ties over from China. These ties are inferior in quality and come with a lead time of up to 8 weeks, compared with our impressive 4 weeks.

Bespoke Ties

Our team of artists design Custom ties for thousands of schools, clubs, and corporate companies across the country. They will happily provide you with free visuals of your prospective design. All you need to do is give us a call with your ideas and your visuals will be in your inbox within 3 days.

We can also send out physical samples of our previous work – again a free service.

If you have a tie that you want to reproduce then we can do this too. Just post your tie and we will provide an exact replica.

Our friendly staff is always on hand to help create your perfect custom tie based on your ideas and budget. Call us today to chat about your ideas and arrange your free visuals on 01922 612888.

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See our Primary School, Secondary School & Academy School Ties. Designs and fastenings to meet every age group.


Club ties for almost any club occasion – tour, dinner, ball. We cater for almost any club, our golf ties, rugby ties, football ties and cricket club ties are very popular.


We design and manufacture custom made bespoke ties as per your specific design requirements, down to the very last detail.


At Keltic ties our corporate ties are the finishing touch to any staff uniform.


We produce high-quality woven ties here in our solar-powered mill here in the UK, with lead times of just 4 weeks. There is a choice of polyester or silk.


Regimental ties and related accessories make up a large part of our ties Department. We design and manufacture regimental ties, military ties, Army ties, RAF ties / Air Force ties and Corps ties.


Amongst the hundreds of Masonic Lodges across the UK, you will struggle to find a Lodge that doesn’t wear its unique masonic ties.


If you’re part of a band be it Brass, Pipe, Silver or Orchestra you will be used to being in the spotlight attending regular events. From parades, concerts and carnivals or simply your local park on a Sunday afternoon.

We made your clothes

Keltic ties | company ties,club ties
Keltic ties | company ties,club ties
Keltic ties | company ties,club ties
Keltic ties | company ties,club ties
Keltic ties | company ties,club ties
Keltic ties | company ties,club ties

Ans. Woven fabric is formed by weaving threads on a loom, where the fabric is made by interlacing two or more threads to one another. Woven ties have your design woven into the fabric of the tie and we can produce any design, from stripes to designs with logos

Ans. We offer polyester made from recycled plastic materials or 100% silk.

Ans. Our lead times are around 3-4 weeks – faster than all our competitors. This is because our ties are made here in England in our solar powered mill, so you get a superior quality while reducing your carbon footprint.

Ans. Our prices are based on the design and quantity you order. Our minimum order is 36, so as an example 36 recycled polyester ties would cost £9.99 per tie, however if you were to order 50, the price would reduce to £7.75 per tie.

Ans. As the ties are made from delicate fabrics, we would recommend washing by hand or dabbing with a sponge. Silk ties can be dry cleaned however we would not recommend washing any ties in a washing machine.

Ans. Eco ties are made using yarns produced from recycled plastic bottles. They’re made in our mill in Lancashire and delivered directly to you with no middleman – so they can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint by over 90%