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International plastic bag free day - 3rd July 2018! Plastic bag free day is here - another day dedicated to beat the plastic pollution. This day is to raise awareness on how many bags are being used, and the impact single use plastic bags are having...

There has been so much build up over the last few months surrounding world environment day! Today is the day! All around the world scientists, businesses, schools and environmentalists are all coming together to #beattheplastic. We have been following live updates here  World Environment Day at Keltic...

Heanor Gate Science College join the eco ties campaign! Heanor Gate Science college are one of many secondary schools to join us by jumping on the eco ties band wagon. This school alone ordered 500 recycled ties saving a massive 1000 plastic bottles from landfill. They...

Tomorrow is the big day of the Royal wedding between Harry and Meghan, so we thought we would join the nation in the celebration.  What's a better excuse than a royal wedding for a Friday afternoon tea in the office. The Windsor Knot Keeping in line with the...

Our brand new eco ties are striving! We have sent out a lot of eco ties to schools across the UK. Two school academy orders alone save a humongous 1,700 plastic bottles from going to a landfill site. The academy now their very own certificate...

Doing our bit for Children In Need 2017! The Keltic staff raised a total of £70.50 - every bit helps!     All the staff here at Keltic Ties got involved in our fund raising game 'time to get quackers' duck race. The lucky winner was 'Golden Duck'...