Masonic ties made in the UK from recycled yarn in 4 weeks

Masonic tiesAmongst the hundreds of Masonic Lodges across the UK, you will struggle to find a Lodge that doesn’t wear its unique masonic ties. In almost any lodge today you will find that members are permitted to wear Masonic lodge ties to masonry meetings held throughout the year alongside formal occasions, jubilees, and celebrations.

Freemason Ties supplied and manufactured in the UK

We are passionate about supporting UK businesses, and to all our Freemason Lodges across the UK, we are proud to offer excellent quality ties all made in England in our family-owned factory. Most of our competitors favour Chinese equivalents giving a lead time of 8 Weeks. As we make all our masonic ties in the UK, we can offer a period of just four weeks.

Keltic ties work with a large proportion of Masonic Lodges and have much experience with Mason tie designs we know work well. From minimums as low as 36 and free artwork for approval, call us on 01922 612888 to discuss your freemason ties ideas and arrange your order in just a matter of weeks.

We can provide free visuals of your design and also send you examples of previous Masonic tie designs. If you would like to see the quality of our masonic ties, just provide your postal address, and we will be more than happy to post samples of masonic ties we’ve previously made.

Whether Mason’s ties are provided via the Lodge as part of your membership or purchased when joined, our Masonic lodge ties will aid in your recognition that you belong to a particular lodge. Speak to us about our other items including bow ties worn to formal occasions and badges sporting the lodge crest.

Corporate ties
Corporate ties

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4 simple steps to your new ties:

Corporate ties
Corporate ties
Corporate ties
Corporate ties

Looking for those extras to wear at formal occasions?

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Masonic ties
Masonic ties
Masonic ties
Masonic ties

Frequently Asked Questions

Masonic lodges have custom uniforms, including a unique masonic tie. As an essential identifier, we produce high-quality masonic eco ties ideal for wearing to events and meetings, with excellent attention to detail on design and colours.

Eco ties are unique ties created from recycled plastic bottles. Our ties are manufactured in the UK, with a far lower carbon footprint than polyester ties sourced from China.

We have a typical turnaround of four weeks to manufacture our ties. If you’d like to purchase ties for an upcoming event, we recommend speaking with our team directly to arrange delivery in plenty of time.

Our in-house artist can produce a free visual design of your masonic tie if you have existing logos, imagery, and colours. With your approval, we can move on to manufacturing your ties as quickly as possible.

We understand the importance of accurate colour matching for masonic ties. We ensure our in-house design process produces accurate results for colours, designs and imagery on all of our ties.

Fill out our contact form to start today. Alternatively, call us on 01922 612 888 to discuss your requirements with our team.

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