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Amongst the hundreds of Masonic Lodges across the UK, you will struggle to find a Lodge that doesn’t wear their unique masonic ties. In almost any lodge today you will find that members are permitted to wear Masonic ties to masonry meetings held throughout the year alongside formal occasions, jubilees, and celebrations.

We are passionate about supporting UK businesses, and to all our Freemason Lodges across the UK, we are proud to offer excellent quality ties all made in England in our family owned factory. Most of our competitors favour Chinese equivalents giving a lead time 8 Weeks. As we make all our ties in the UK, we can offer a period of just four weeks.

Keltic ties work with a large proportion of Masonic Lodges and have much experience with Mason tie designs we know work well. From minimums as low as 36 and free artwork for approval, call us on 01922 612888 to discuss your freemason ties ideas and arrange your order in just a matter of weeks.

We can provide free visuals of your design and also send you examples of previous Masonic tie designs. If you would like to see the quality of our ties, just provide your postal address, and we will be more than happy to post out samples of masonic ties we’ve previously made.

Whether Mason’s ties are provided via the Lodge as part of your membership or purchased when joined, our Masonic lodge ties will aid in your recognition that you belong to a particular lodge. Speak to us about our other items including bow ties worn to formal occasions and badges sporting the lodge crest.

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