Custom Bow Ties – Made in England in 4 weeks

Bow ties

Are you looking for a custom bow tie? If so, Eco Ties from Keltic Ties is happy to fit you with a quality bow tie. Whether you want to attend a formal function, a business conference or a dinner, our custom bow ties are a perfect choice. You can pair them with various clothing, including lounge jackets for evening wear or suits for daily business.

Bespoke bow ties

If you have a particular design or make, you can speak to us, and we’ll ensure that your vision comes true. Whether you want a printed or woven bow tie that’s pre-tied or self-tied, you can be sure that our in-house artist will draw up designs and help you choose one that suits you. If you order a minimum of 36 bespoke bow ties, you can get your delivery within 4 weeks. This is because we manufacture all our ties in a UK factory, ensuring you get quality and long-lasting ties as soon as possible.

Personalised bow ties

If you’re looking for a truly unique bow tie for yourself or your family, our personalised bow ties are one-of-a-kind. We have a variety of styles, finishes and materials, so you can select one that suits your taste and personality. Our bow ties are sophisticated and stylish. We can add an embroidered initial to your bow tie to give it a subtle and personal twist.

We are happy to personalise your bow. Simply choose the colour of ribbon you want, the size and material, and our manufacturing and design team will do the rest.

Custom bow ties

Eco Ties can help you create customised bow ties to match your branding and make a statement to your clients. We can customise print bow ties with any brand colours, logo or image you like to reflect your brand image. If you have no clue what you want, choose from our wide range of styles and fabrics to see one that will suit you.

Whether you’re a bow tie fan or wearing one for the first time, we will carefully guide you through the process of selecting the right size, fabric and style for you. Depending on your preference, you can be sure that you can get a bow tie that will match your energy. Whether you’re looking for a woven tie that’s already tied or a printed bow tie to you tie yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Club bow ties

If you’re looking for a bow tie for an informal event such as clubbing, we can design one with playful fabric and pattern variations to make you stand out at the club. This will add some extra flair to your outfit, making you seem more confident and in charge. You can pair our club bow ties with a button-down shirt tucked into your dress pants and put on suspenders to create a more casual, fun and going-out look.

Whether you want a bow tie for golf, football, rugby events or meetings, we can manufacture one. Our design team will work with you every step to ensure that the bow tie matches the vent and has the quality and finish you desire.

Ready to shop?

Our bow ties are manufactured from recycled polyester yarn, making them eco-friendly. We deliver our ties within four weeks, making us reliable and efficient. With us, you can trust that your bow tie is made to the highest standards as we manufacture in the UK. We also have a free visuals feature that allows you to monitor and approve your customised bow tie at every step. This way, you can make changes if they’re any issues with your bow tie.

Contact us today to order your customised bow ties.