Regimental Ties – made in England in just 4 weeks

The ties are made from recycled yarns

Forces ties

Regimental ties have long been associated with the military and have become an emblem of belonging and pride for those who serve or have served in the armed forces. At Keltic Ties, we are proud to produce premium regimental ties for all forces. Made in the UK in just four weeks, our bespoke ties use high-quality, sustainable materials, so you can look smart whilst supporting the environment too.

Bespoke forces ties

First worn in 1648 by Croatian mercenaries, the necktie has long been associated with military forces. When the British Army moved to adopt subdued uniforms, the regimental tie was a way to retain squadron colours. Today, it has become a way for individuals to distinguish themselves as belonging to a certain force and is proudly worn by soldiers and veterans across the world.

We produce bespoke ties for armed forces, including regimental colours and emblems to create a premium tie that can be proudly donned. Whether you’re preparing for Armistice Day, a military parade, a ceremony or a funeral, we can create a tailor-made tie to meet your requirements. Our online Design a Tie Tool allows you to create your own personalised tie and provides free visuals for you to assess before you place your order.

British Army ties

Army ties

Both serving members and veterans of the British Army will find army ties to represent their regiment at Keltic Ties. We produce both patterned and striped designs for regiments past and present, ideal for wear to formal events and military parades.

We also produce matching military cummerbunds, tie pins, cufflinks and bow ties, for when a full dress uniform is required.

Air Force ties

Representing the men and women who serve and have served in the Royal Air Force, our RAF ties complement formalwear for a professional look. Featuring traditional RAF blue, alongside individual regiment colours and emblems, our premium Air Force ties can be paired with matching RAF cummerbunds when in full uniform.

No matter what squadron you belong to, we can produce a bespoke tie that features a high-quality embroidered emblem and striking colours. Our RAF ties are ideal for proudly displaying your squadron allegiance at parades, celebrations, reunions and formal ceremonies.

Navy ties

Whether you belong to the Royal Marines, Royal Navy or Merchant Navy, Keltic Ties can tailor-make the military ties to suit using sustainable materials and renewable energy. We can include the traditional colours of the Royal Navy, British Ensign and regimental emblems on your bespoke tie, so you can proudly display which squadron you belong to.

Our design team can provide you with a digital visual of your design prior to production, aiming to then deliver your navy ties to you within 4 weeks. Pair with a matching enamel badge and cufflinks.

Sustainable military ties made in the UK

We use recycled polyester yarn to produce quality ties that will last a lifetime. Each tie prevents an average of two plastic bottles from entering our landfills and oceans and is produced in our Lancashire-based solar-powered mill.

By utilising sustainable yarn and renewable energy, we proudly uses 60% less energy, 94% less water and 32% less Co2 than if we produced non-recycled yarns. As a result, we are the UK’s number one producer of eco-friendly ties, scarves and accessories.

Army ties delivered within 4 weeks

When you order from Keltic Ties, we guarantee a fast turnaround and aim to deliver your new tie within 4 weeks. Made in our family-owned Lancashire mill by expert weavers, your tie requires no overseas shipping and will be delivered directly from our UK mill. This keeps our carbon footprint low and means you receive your tie faster than if you order from our offshore competitors.

Order custom military ties

Military ties

For military ties made using high-quality, sustainable materials, choose Eco Ties. Create your design using our tool and our expert weavers will deliver it to your door within 4 weeks.

Received a quote from elsewhere? We’re dedicated to reducing waste and protecting the environment, which is why we offer a price match promise on any quote you’ve received from our competitors.

Want to check out the quality of our ties before placing your order? We can send you a free sample so you can see for yourself the high quality of our sustainable regimental ties. Simply contact the Keltic Ties team today to find out more.

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School ties

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Corporate ties
Corporate ties
Corporate ties

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Regimental ties
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Frequently Asked Questions

Regimental ties are used by the military as part of a dress uniform. Our regimental ties are designed to align with regimental colours and emblems, providing excellent uniformity with hard-wearing, eco-friendly materials.

Our eco ties are manufactured in the UK using yarn from recycled plastic bottles. On average, a single tie prevents two bottles from going into landfill or the ocean. As we don’t manufacture in China, we also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

We have a four-week turnaround on most orders if you have an upcoming event or want to purchase custom ties for recruits. For more information, speak to our team directly.

Our in-house artist works to your specifications to produce designs that meet necessary military standards. We always provide a visual example of your design for your approval before we start the manufacturing process.

We have extensive experience creating eco ties in regimental colours for various military forces. All you need to do is supply the design or emblem and the colours you need, and we’ll ensure our custom ties fit every standard.

Call on 01922 612 888 to speak with our team. Or fill out our online contact form now, and we’ll get back in contact with you shortly.

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