University Scarves

University scarves

University life is expansive and diverse. With so many students and societies on campus, it is important to bring everyone together and create a sense of community. There is no better way to unify everyone than with your university colours, logo and branding. Scarves are the perfect accessory for university students to show team spirit and take pride in, without feeling like a uniform.

Our scarves are commonly worn by students at various stages of their education. We can create completely custom scarves for universities, schools and colleges. Your university will have different sports teams and societies operating on campus to offer creative, athletic and intellectual outlets for students in their spare time. We can also create university scarves for specific societies that incorporate the university’s branding.

College & University Scarves Design choices

When you order your university scarves or college scarves from us, you get total control over their design and appearance. We offer a wide selection of colours to choose from. You can order in combinations of colours or ask for a specific pattern or design. This ranges from popular patterns like stripes or checkered to a fully personalised scarf.

You might have artwork that is already designed, or want to create a completely new one. Our experienced team can guide you through the entire process. We can incorporate your logo into the overall design to make sure it is prominent and easily recognisable. If you have existing university colours, we will colour match these to ensure a consistent look.

University Scarve made with High-quality, eco-friendly fabrics

Every scarf made by us uses high-quality fabric and the most effective printing processes. Our woven scarves are the most popular choice, but we can also provide printed corporate style scarves. This gives you a range of options to find the best materials for the look you want to create. It is also a quality assurance that your university scarve will stand up to daily use and will be loved by the students that wear them.

It is important to teach the value of sustainability and looking after our environment. The best way to do this as a university is to lead by example. When you order with us, you are supporting a business that only uses ethically made, premium eco-friendly fabrics. It is these kinds of small but significant choices that will help pave the way to a sustainable future for your students.

University scarves | university scarves
University scarves | university scarves
University scarves | university scarves

Preparing for the winter months

Scarves are a particularly popular accessory for students during the colder months of the year. We make scarves that will suit men and women alike and keep them warm during winter on campus.

You can also order promotional scarves designed for particular events or functions. For example, the football season takes place over autumn and winter, so why not create a scarf for supporters of your university’s team ready for the start of term? These are sure to be popular and help unite every student with a love for the sport across your campus.

Placing your order

Our friendly team are always happy to discuss your ideas. Get in touch for a no-obligation conversation about the design and fabrics you want for your university scarves. First, we will ask you about colour, patterns, logos and other artwork to get a feel for your establishment. We can send you samples of our previous work if you need a little extra inspiration. If you are ordering for a specific event, let us know your timeframe and if you want any custom details added. From here we can arrange a free of charge design proof to be sent for your approval.

Once you are happy with your design, we can begin to create your order. We can usually create and deliver within a 4-week period to make sure your scarves are with you in a timely fashion. Contact our team today to find out how we can help.