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Keltic Ties is a family business that has designed and supplied superb quality ties for over 20 years. Our solar-powered mill in Lancashire is now in its fourth generation of weavers.

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Spinning a better yarn

Previously we made ties from polyester yarn that came from crude oil, which is extremely harmful for the planet. However, this is the most common way for ties to be made. In 2017, we made the exciting change to yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and Eco Ties was born!

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Reducing plastic

Every Eco Tie saves an average of 2 plastic bottles from oceans and landfill, making sure we do our bit to keep our oceans clean. By avoiding digging up crude oil to make our polyester yarn, not only do we avoid reliance on fossil fuels, we also avoid the damaging chemical processing of oil, that’s used to make non-recycled polyester yarn ( learn more about how eco ties are made here ). Because our ties are made in the UK, delivery is just 3-4 weeks. You even get a cool certificate, to show you how many plastic bottles your ties have saved from oceans and landfill.

About us
About us

Our artist Karen can create free visuals based on your ideas for your club, company or school tie. Or you can send us any existing tie for us to copy. You’ll receive a free sample of your actual tie before we go ahead and make your order.

Our team Amanda, Naomi and Louise are here from 9.00am-5.30pm weekdays and would love to chat about your tie ideas on the phone, email or live chat.

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We’ll produce FREE VISUALS to show how your ties could look
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