Sports Club Scarves

Club scarvesOver the years we have produced a huge variety of team club scarves designs for all types of clubs including football clubs, golf clubs, rugby clubs and much more. We are a  specialist in the custom sports scarf, our quality is unrivalled.

We offer two types of club scarves. Our most popular is the knitted style. These are the unisex ‘woolly’ scarves often worn by fans and supporters at club games. We can make them in a huge range of colours and feature any design. We can also produce matching gloves and hats if this is something you require.

The other type of club scarf we offer is our ladies neck scarf. This is the female equivalent of our men’s club tie. We offer a choice of either polyester or silk.

We can make your club scarves in either a long (137x27cm) or a square (80x80cm) style.

They are screen printed to the highest quality and are available in a variety of finishes and hems.

Ensuring 100% satisfaction with your final design, we offer a free artwork service. This means that before making an order, you will be able to see the visuals of your club scarf design. Based on the ideas you give to us over the phone our team of artists will have these visuals made up and sent to your inbox within just three days.

We are also able to send out physical examples of our previous work, whether these be rugby scarves, football scarves or otherwise. This way you will be able to see our quality first hand before making an order. Why not give one of our friendly staff members a call on 01922 612888 to arrange this.

Custom Club Scarves

If you are looking to replicate an existing scarf, then that’s not a problem. Simply send one of your old club scarves over to us in the post for a quote. Should you go on to make an order, our replica scarves will be identical to your originals.

Minimum orders are as low as 50, and you will receive your scarves in just 5-6 weeks.