Types of Ties

Types of ties

Keltic specialise in handmade English ties. Working from our family mill which spans back seven generations we fulfil thousands of orders up and down the country each year. Given our huge range of ties, we have a huge range of customers, and we are sure that whatever your requirements we will be able to find the perfect tie for you.

Our tailored pages give a breakdown of the key differences between the options to help you choose which is the right tie for you. As well as more information on the different types of ties you will learn about the various types of fastenings we have available, from standard to clip-on to Velcro.

Which Tie Is Best For You

When it comes to deciding which type of tie is best for you, it is often helpful to consider your design. If, for example, yours is quite a simple design you may want to go for our classic woven ties, which come in luxurious silk or polyester. If, however, your design is very intricate then perhaps printed ties would be the way to go, as their manufacturing process allows for micro-detail.

Because every design is different, it is often best to talk about these things with our staff members. Once you have read through our tailored pages why not call us on 01922 612888 and we would be happy to advise which tie types would best compliment your design.

If you would like to see physical examples of our different types of ties, we would be happy to send some samples out to you. We also offer all of our customer’s free artwork of their design before they make an order. All you need to do is give one of our friendly staff members a call with your design ideas and our team of artists will provide you with free visuals of your design. These will be in your inbox within just 3 days.

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