Custom Metal Badges & Printed Badges

Metal badges

If you are looking for badges that are a little bit different then we would recommend our custom metal badges. Metal pin badges stand out from others like enamel as the design is stamped into the badge. They are naturally metallic in colour, with the specific colour being dictated by your choice of metal: bronze, silver or gold plated. The details often appear recessed and are sandblasted for additional texture.

Metal Print Badges

Keltic Ties provide metal print badges for customers all over the country and our attention to detail impresses time and time again. When it comes to designing your badge we make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for by providing free of charge artwork before you make an order. Simply give one of our friendly staff members a call with your design ideas and our team of artists will come up with some visuals. These will be sent to your inbox within just 3 days.

We are also able to send out free samples of our previous work. This is a helpful way of showing you our superior quality whilst also allowing you to make an informed decision about which metal you would like to go for. Again just give us a ring and we will arrange for these free samples to be delivered to your door within just 3 days.

Minimum orders for our custom made metal badges start from 25. Call us now on 01922 612888 to speak with our sales team – we would love to hear your ideas!