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So happy to be sending out brand new Eco Ties orders today, just these two alone will save 1,700 plastic bottles from going to landfill.                                 Be a part of making a difference to our planet by helping save the amount of plastic polluting our oceans and...

Doing our bit for Children In Need 2017 - we are pleased to say we raised £70.50 - every bit helps!     All the staff here at Keltic Ties got involved in our fund raising game 'time to get quackers' duck race. The lucky winner was 'Golden...

What are Eco ties? 

Eco ties are here! Our new and exciting idea of producing school ties from recycled plastic bottles has landed at Keltic ties.  Eco-Ties are made by Keltic ties using yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles – how cool is that?
Creating ties for a club within a club. That’s right, our long standing customers – The Artist club have formed their very own Golf team. After years of providing artist club ties they called in on Keltic to provide golf ties - who knew artists could golf!?  
Let’s say that you’re part of a golf club. And let’s say that your club already owns great golf ties. If this stock of ties starts to run low, what do you do? In the spirit of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, all you really want are perfect replicas of your existing ties, right? This is precisely what Dainton Park Golf Club wanted back in 2011 when they first came to Keltic. And here's what happened.