Back To School – Custom School Tie Benefits

Back To School – Custom School Tie Benefits

September is looming which means one thing – Back to school! Children are most likely wishing for another week off while their parents are rejoicing, but most importantly, have you placed your custom school tie order? If you have then that’s great and we hope you’re pupils look the part in their ties, if not then here’s a few reasons why school ties can be a great addition to your already smart uniform.

School ties laid side by side

School Ties Image


A Sense Of Identity
As we all know one of the reasons uniforms are worn in schools across the UK is to create a sense of equality and identity across the school as a whole. Wearing a school tie can contribute to this by not only adding a colourful accessory in to the uniform but by teaching the pupils that ties aren’t just for the males.

Defining School Houses
One of the ever growing popular reasons for school ties to date is to define the house each pupil belongs to. This is done by having a colour which represents the house used within the tie. Take a look at the below image as an example, you can change the ground colour or the stripe colours within an order to reflect a particular house colour.

Cost Effective Logo Branding
Having a school tie with a logo and perhaps a school badge for your blazer reduces the need for other items to be embroidered or printed with the school logo and in some cases can save valuable monetary resources.

Teach Children To Tie Their Own Ties
Younger students can feel a sense of accomplishment learning to tie their own school tie, this is especially beneficial for pupils about to transition in to secondary schools which have ties as part of their uniform already.

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“Learn to tie a tie and you can accomplish anything”

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