Anti-Bacterial / Microbial Eco Gym Bags

Eco Bags: Water-resistant Anti-bacterial / Microbial Gym bags made from recycled plastic bottles

Our brand new Eco Gym Bags are made from recycled polyester yarn, with an anti-bacterial treatment that kills 99.9% of bacteria both inside and out, hence they are also anti bacterial gym bags. Each of our sustainable recycled primary school gym bags is made from approximately 8 recycled plastic bottles, saving those bottles from going to landfill and ending up in our oceans.

We are a sustainable gym bags supplier, offering Eco PE bags made in a much more sustainable way than the rest of the market, using recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester which is made from crude oil. We feel this combination of sustainability as well as the fact that our bags are also antibacterial PE bags, makes us unbeatable as eco gym bags suppliers.

Antimicrobial Eco Gym Bags

We supply these anti microbial PE bags directly to primary schools that are looking for the reassurance of an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial finish, as we aim to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage recycling. As an experienced PE bags supplier, we can of course logo bags with your school logo our recycled gym bags at very competitive prices.

As a gym bags supplier, we felt that it was so important for the schools market to have a recycled primary school book bags supplier available to them. The other school bags on the market are made from polyester yarn that comes from refined crude oil, thus further depleting our natural resources and polluting our environment. We wanted to ensure that every school had access to environmentally friendly PE bags – and because of our price-match promise – you will pay the same price or less for our eco gym bags than you pay for your current non-recycled PE bags.

Every school that orders our environmentally friendly gym bags gets a certificate stating how many plastic bottles they’ve saved from landfill and oceans. And in addition to being recycled primary school gym bags, they also have the benefit and reassurance of being anti bacterial PE bags and anti microbial gym bags.


navy blue, royal blue, maroon, red and green


Plain Price: £2.25
Printed Price: £3.59