Boat Club Ties

Boat Club Ties

boat club ties

If you are a member of your local boat club then you will be familiar with the traditional sailing/rowing ties regularly sported by its members. Worn during formal occasions, social events, corporate days, boat christenings and annual club dinners, sailing/rowing club ties are a great way of indicating one’s club membership.

Having supplied rowing and sailing ties to a great number of clubs, we have plenty of design ideas to help you create your perfect tie. Simply call us for a chat and we can have artwork designsmade up for you based on your ideas. These will be sent straight to your inbox within 3 days. It’s a free service that we provide and we find that it really helps customers to get exactly what they want from their designs.

We are also able to send out free physical examples of our previous boating club ties. Again all you need to do is give us a call and we will arrange for these free samples to be delivered to your door within just 3 days.

All of our ties are handmade right here in England. This means that we are able to deliver them within just 4 weeks. By comparison, most of our competitors ship their ties over from China. These ties are inferior in quality and come with a lead time of up to 8 weeks.

Often boating clubs like to buy all of their merchandise in one place. Should you be looking for cufflinks and badges to be worn alongside your ties then take a look at these related product pages for some inspiration.

If you have an enquiry, or if you want to organise for some free visuals or free samples to be sent out to you then give us a call on 01922 612888. Our friendly staff members would love to discuss your ideas!

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